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Logo Designs

Colugo Scouts - Logo

Logo for local Singapore Scouts group, Colugo Scouts. I was tasked with creating a design that would translate well to embroidery, and utilised a limited colour scheme and a clear layout for the final result.

Colugo Scouts - Logo
Colugo Scouts - Embroidered Patch
Friends of Bukit Timah Logo

Friends of Bukit Timah


Logo for Friends of Bukit Timah Forest, a community-run initiative promoting appreciation and conservation for the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and regions surrounding it.

The aim was to create a design that combined local nature and a family-friendly community feel, so for the subject I chose a mother colugo and her child, using a warm natural palette and an aesthetically-pleasing circular layout. I designed the original concept and it was then finalised by the National Parks Board.

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